I have had the pleasure of working with some great clients over the years, working together to help achieve their goals.  I've been lucky enough to work with a wide range of clients who all have their unique challanges and needs, but by coming up with the right bespoke nutritional and training plans they have come out with results to be proud of! Thank you to all my clients for their hard work and commitment!

Jane, 40

“I started training with Simon just after I had my third baby. I wanted to get back into shape quickly. Simon taught me that training alone would not shift the weight and more importantly, keep it off. I embarked on the detox programme and Simon supported me each step of the way, educating me on how to change my eating habits. I have now been training with Simon for over 12 months, and I have dropped from a size 12 to a size 8 which I never thought I could achieve! I am able to maintain my shape having adopted a new lifestyle, eating the right foods with targeted training. Simon is a pleasure to train with, he is motivated, focussed and enjoys pushing me to (and beyond) my limits.”

Dave S, 45

“About 15months ago I asked a friend if she knew any good PT’s in the Altrincham area. She told me about Simon. I had lost one and a half stone and wanted to put it back on. I tried a PT due to having little motivation to train by myself. I quickly understood my diet was rubbish and Simon helped me understand what food I need to healthy weight gain. I’m 45 and work shifts so with the best will it can a struggle, but I’m always encouraged to keep going.

It took about 7months to put the weight back on and I am firmly on track for the next stone I want to put on. The main point I would make is, whatever you do in a gym or elsewhere, I’ll guarantee you’ll have another 30% that your unwilling to do on your own, and that’s what a good PT will get out of you.

Its hard (but then again, that’s the point) but it 100% worthwhile!”

Fiona F

“I remember my first session with Simon back in November 2011. I was a size 18/20 with every postural, back and shoulder pain going - A wreck basically. I knew my eating habits were out of control and the extra weight was affecting my health and preventing me from doing the job I loved, which was gardening. However, I hadn't the energy or the knowledge how to improve my fitness or lifestyle without help. Simon had tried to get me to join the boot camps at the gym but I shied away from them knowing I wouldn't be in any condition to do them. Each time I started a gentle yoga exercise regime at the gym, I would get severe back and shoulder pain after a couple of weeks, enough to stop me going .,.,., the cycle continued like that for years.

There were three goals, to lose weight, eat better and stop the back and shoulder pain.

It is now January, 2013, some 14 months later and with huge thanks to Simon my road to recovery has been made very easy. I am a size 12/14. I don't have a problem with exercising and I eat in moderation. I get very few pains now in my back and shoulders. It has been a total lifestyle change. The information Simon provides on food and portion sizes was definitely a big eye-opener and really helpful.

For me, it has been about learning how to exercise properly, how to apply the right techniques, how to build up core muscles and how to eat healthily without being on a diet. Food will remain my biggest challenge because I love food so much, but knowing what to eat and what to steer away from I feel confident that I can keep the weight off. Good eating habits and exercise are inextricably linked. You cannot do one without the other. I think that has probably been my biggest learning curve.”

Ian M, 52

“I'm in my mid 50's and have always had a fairly active job, but in recent years my waist size reached 36". This came as a shock.... but I got used to it. Then, when I saw myself on some holiday photos, it finally sank in that I was truly overweight!

I was due to move to more of a desk job and I knew I would pile on the pounds even more rapidly than I had been doing.

A friend had recommended Hale PT a few years ago so I, and my wife, decided to see what they could offer. As Simon was asking questions about our lifestyle, diet, exercise etc. I knew the answers I gave were mostly the wrong ones and I could see that I needed the advice and training that Si could offer.

In the last year I have learned a lot about nutrition and eating habits, which I had thought were good, that are not.

Training is both cardio and weights based and has been surprisingly enjoyable. Importantly, Si is excellent at making sure that body position is correct at all times throughout training, something you don't get when taking classes at your local gym.

The big changes in me are fitness and weight. I am now considerably leaner, I have lost one and a half stone, and the last pair of trousers I bought are 32" - I haven't been that size since getting married twenty odd years ago! My fitness has improved massively and also flexibility in previously stiff and painful joints.

I didn't come to Hale PT with any goals other than 'damage limitation' but have made tremendous changes. I still need to shed a few more pounds and there is no reason to think that will not happen.”

Ingrid M

“I started to go to Hale PT after seeing the excellent results of a friend who went there.

I was introduced to Simon (Si) and we discussed my goals of losing weight, getting fit as well as eating healthily.

I have been with Si just over a year and I have lost over a stone quite a few inches and have transformed my eating habits.

The sessions tend to be weights based which I really enjoy and I know that I have gained the knowledge of good technique, as well as increasing my core strength and muscle tone.

A big bonus I wasn’t expecting is how passionate and knowledgeable Si is about food. I thought I had quite a healthy diet but I was wrong. I have enjoyed trying new foods and new recipes and am looking forward to trying lots more.”



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